Sonic toothbrush

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Suitable for sensitive teeth

GentleSonic has over 18,640 bristles for the gentlest cleaning. Sonic cleaning is also suitable for teeth with exposed necks.

Up to 16,000 more threads than a regular toothbrush

A straight cut would force us to put too much pressure on the brush. The different lengths of filaments „hug” the surface of the tooth and gums during brushing due to the high frequency and thus reach the distal and mesial surfaces of the teeth better. Conventional toothbrushes often disturb the gums with their hard blades, which can start to bleed. With Gentlesonic your sensitive gums are as good as new.

Plaque removal in 2 minutes

Sonic technology can remove harmful plaque and pigment stains from teeth and gums, oxygenate the gingival groove and care for sensitive gums in just 2 minutes. Fast strokes of the brush reach even hard-to-reach interdental spaces. This means you will find less dirt during subsequent interdental cleaning.

miDent is loved by thousands of customers around the world

I’ve always been afraid of sonic toothbrushes because I have sensitive gums and I didn’t want them to bleed. But the Gentlesonic is completely different than other sonic toothbrushes. It’s really gentle and still cleans my teeth perfectly. 

Sally G.

The toothbrush is really cool! It’s gentle on the gums and the softness is incredible. I got it for my birthday and I will definitely get my girlfriend one for Christmas. I recommend giving it a try, you won’t want anything else.

Stanley L.

I use it every morning and evening and my teeth are beautifully smooth, stain free and I don’t seem to get cavities like I used to. After just 10 days of use, my gum sensitivity has also improved! I recommend.

Nina F.

31,000 sonic vibrations Against plaque

The sonic toothbrush has a force of 31,000 strokes per minute for effective cleaning of plaque and tartar. Sonic toothbrushes are thus much more effective than manual toothbrushes.

Sonic toothbrush

GentleSonic has over 18,640 bristles for the gentlest cleaning. Sonic cleaning is also suitable for teeth with exposed necks. Have a perfectly radiant smile with sonic technology in just 2 minutes.

Rating 4.89/5

SAVE 33%


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Dental hygienists recommend miDent

We have tried the miDent sonic toothbrush in the office and I can confirm that it is very gentle when cleaning sensitive teeth and teeth with exposed necks.

Brush your teeth even when showering

You don’t have to worry about using our electric toothbrush when showering for example, it is completely waterproof.

4 effective programs for a whiter and healthier smile

Closable travel pack + 2 heads

The package includes a practical travel case and 2 heads. Hygienic, stylish packaging can be used on your travels in the sun or even in the office.

Elegant design Fits every type of bathroom

Choose from 3 modern pastel colours:

Header for the whole family

Does your whole family want to use the toothbrush? With replacement heads, you can share the sonic toothbrush or simply buy replacement heads when the original ones wear out.

Frequently asked questions from our customers
Sonic technology works on the principle of high-frequency wiping, where the brush head wipes plaque up and down in a specific range. This cleaning technique is gentle on teeth and gums.
Unlike a manual toothbrush, a sonic toothbrush is capable of up to 31,000 vibrations per minute, which is approximately 100 times more than if you brush your teeth by hand. This makes it significantly more effective at removing plaque.
Thanks to its fine fibres, the Gentlesonic sonic toothbrush is more than suitable for teeth with exposed necks and people with sensitive gums. The toothbrush gradually reduces the risk of inflammation, bleeding and receding gums. The sonic toothbrush reduces the incidence of bleeding gums up to 2 times more effectively than a manual toothbrush.

We recommend using it at least twice a day to maintain good oral health. But it’s up to you whether you want to keep your teeth whiter and healthier. 

The minimum recommended cleaning time with the Gentlesonic sonic toothbrush is 2 minutes to remove harmful plaque and pigment stains from your teeth and gums.

Replacement heads for the sonic toothbrush, which have 18,640 fine fibres, can be found here –

Of course! We offer our customers a two-year warranty.

199lei 134lei

Revolutionary miDent toothbrushes with 18,640 microfibres for perfect cleaning and gum protection.

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