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Ultrasonic tooth cleaner with camera RealSonic™

Ultrasonic device that can effectively remove plaque, tartar, stains, and prevents gum disease by removing tartar from the teeth. Realsonic has its own powerful camera in the front that captures everything that happens in the oral cavity.


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Finally, an effective ultrasonic teeth cleaner that actually works

Effectively cleans teeth thanks to ultrasonic technology

Realsonic is not like most cheap plaque and tartar removers. It offers the most powerful ultrasonic technology on the market with 42,000 vibrations per second.

STOP using non-functioning plaque removers that can damage your teeth. 100% quality guaranteed!

UV wrap to remove bacteria and microbes after cleaning

The effective removal of germs immediately after cleaning is the basis of clean hygiene. Clean your device with UV light, just as is done in dental offices and dental hygienists’ offices.

Effectively removes tooth decay, plaque, coffee and cigarette stains

Most people only brush their teeth superficially. The camera allows the dental cleaner to reach the back of the teeth and areas that are hidden from our view. 

About gums you don't have to worry about

The device can detect teeth from gums and automatically switches off when it touches the gums.

Recommended by dental hygienists and dentists

Dental hygienists recommend miDent

We have tried the miDent dental hygiene devices in our office and I can confirm that they are very effective in cleaning and very suitable for home hygiene and caries prevention.

Ultrasonic technology

The technology offers 42,000 vibrations per second.

4 LED lights

High-quality LED lights for detecting dirt and illuminating interdental spaces.

Built-in UV disinfection

Disinfection with ultra violet radiation, which destroys all microbes and bacteria.

High quality 5MP camera

A camera linked to an app on your phone that captures the environment of your mouth.

3 cleaning modes

Adjust the cleaning intensity using the 3 power setting levels.

USB charging

Safe and fast USB charging.

Removing plaque from between the teeth

Cleaning the interdental spaces

Removing stains from coffee, cigarettes, tea

Prevention of tartar

Preventing the proliferation of bacteria and microbes

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Ultrasonic teeth cleaner with camera REALSONIC

Ultrasonic cleaning device with a camera that can effectively remove plaque, tartar, stains, and prevents gum disease by removing tartar from the teeth.

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Brush your teeth more effectively from the back with the mobile app

Thanks to the WiFi chip, you simply connect to your mobile phone and brushing your teeth becomes much faster and more efficient. The camera connects to the app in a flash at the time of cleaning and you can use your mobile to monitor the cleaning process and find debris.

The device works with real ultrasound as used by dental hygienists

Even at level 3, tartar can be removed like clockwork, without scraping or scratching and completely painless and gentle. You hear a high-pitched whistling sound like a dentist, which means that the device is working in the ultrasonic range. But only if it is in contact with the surface of the tooth, otherwise you hear nothing.

Quality material ensuring safety

The stainless steel head together with food-grade silicone ensures safety and comfort.

Long lasting on a single charge

Safe and fast way to charge via USB. Take your cleaner on the go without worrying about losing power.

Additional cleaning heads can be found at the bottom of the device

Keep effective cleaning on hand when you hit the road. All you need is a machine with a cover and you’ll find everything inside the package. 

Package contains

  • 1x UV sterilization sleeve
  • 3x Cleaning head
  • 1x Type C cable
  • 1x Ultrasonic dental device
  • 2x Protective head cover
  • 1x wrench
  • 1x Manual

Download the user manual