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Revolutionary toothbrush with the power of 18 640 cleaning fibers

Up to 16,000 more threads than a regular toothbrush

The miDent toothbrush with 18,640 extra-fine microfibres gently but very effectively removes plaque. Thanks to the dense fibre packing, the toothbrush also reaches hard-to-reach places in the oral cavity. Conventional toothbrushes often disturb the gums with their hard blades, which can start to bleed. With miDent, your sensitive gums are as good as new. The toothbrush is offered in DAY/NIGHT form, where each brush is unique in its design and microfiber cutting.


miDent protects tooth enamel and perfectly cleans the entire tooth surface for whiter teeth.


Entrust your sensitive teeth and gums to the finest care of specially developed micro bristles.


The brush provides a deeper reach into the interdental spaces thanks to the 80 µm thickness of each bristle.


It protects your teeth against dirt and tartar throughout the day and night.

miDent is loved by millions of customers around the world

At first I thought that because they have so many bristles that they wouldn’t clean well, but the opposite is true and the teeth are even cleaned better than I thought. I recommend it for sensitive gums as well.

Jiří H.

The brushes are extremely soft, so they are gentle on the gums and I really needed that. I am very happy! I recommend giving them a try, you won’t want anything else.

Zuzana S.

I use this amazing new product regularly in the morning and evening and I can say that I have never tried a better brush. After just 10 days of use, my gum sensitivity has already improved. 

Iva B.

Dental hygienists recommend miDent

We have tried the brushes in the office and I can confirm that they are surprisingly gentle and effective in cleaning. I recommend the brushes to patients with sensitive teeth and periodontal disease.

I also take care of patients with fixed and removable braces in my dental hygienist’s office, and they have also loved the brushes.

Karolína Jasmína Matějovská DiS.

Dental hygienist

miDent Day/Night brushes


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The DAY/NIGHT brush set matches every type of bathroom. The design brush in different colours with 18,640 ultra-fine bristles perfectly removes all dirt from your teeth. Thanks to the thousands of bristles, cleaning is gentle, effective, thorough and, above all, pleasant throughout use. The ingeniously shaped round handle with memory dimples makes it easy for you to hold it correctly while cleaning. Mident also features cleaning grooves for cleaning the tongue on the back of the brush head.

The package includes 1 pair of brushes - straight and shaped:

miDent DAY

miDent 18640/DAY toothbrush
with straight-cut microfibres is designed for gentle plaque removal not only for sensitive teeth. The toothbrush ensures the resistance of tooth enamel throughout the day. Suitable for gentle morning cleaning.

miDent NIGHT

The miDent 18640/NIGHT toothbrush with shaped fibres effectively removes all food debris and dirt from your teeth and protects them from tartar even during the night. Suitable for thorough cleaning in the evening.

Correct cleaning technique with miDent

Did you know that technique is important when cleaning? We’ve teamed up with dentists who recommend brushing at a 45-degree angle. Place your toothbrush at this angle at the junction of the tooth and gum and start making small circles so that the fibers get in between the teeth. It is important to be precise and careful not to miss any teeth. Don’t forget to clean the inside of the tooth as well. This is an effective prevention against plaque and tooth decay